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When I have given bass or guitar lessons I came to realize that there is something truly special about one on one instruction; from the pace of learning, to the kind of intense learning that comes from conversations and hands-on instruction that could come from no textbook, I knew that this is how I would like to teach photography.

Lessons are scheduled to fit yours and my schedule with no classes to juggle.  From going with you to the camera store to buy your first 'nice' camera or lens, to going over your camera's functions at a location that works for both of us, to going to any of the millions of wonders of nature that the Northwest has to offer to capture the shot you always wanted, I am flexible and knowledgable enough to help.

There are lessons to fit every budget or whim.  Let me know what you want to learn and we will find something that works for you. 



We hold in our hands a powerful camera that is not only able to capture life's moments as they happen, but to share those moments with the world.

These are truly magical times.

Harness the power of the iPhone camera, learn how to use popular filters and editing apps, and learn how to share (or not share) with everyone.

Contact me for rates/times/expeditions

Intro to Photography


No longer does one need years of training or thousands of dollars to capture beautiful photos.  We are living in a golden age where photographic technology has reached the point that everyone, regardless of age or prerequisite skill-level, can create images that are worthy of acclaim.

I can teach you how to move beyond the automatic settings on your digital camera, to understand the basics behind shutter-speed, aperture, and ISO to allow you to capture and create the photo you want to see.  

Beyond the standard teaching now found in numerous places, I will also help you plan your next purchase and help you find the camera, lenes, or accessories that are right for you. 

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